X-ray inspection of BGA, wirebonds, MEMS, loaded PCB

The x-ray machine‘s high repeatability accuracy serves to boost production. The unique angle for sample inspection also makes it suitable for mass testing.

Soldering imperfections drop in the next classes:

Dry joints thanks to inadequate solder

Bridging/Shorts due to surplus solder

Voiding due to gas bubbles within just the solder

Misplacement/Misalignment because of to inaccurate placement of parts

The convenience of viewing these defects depends upon the impression resolution. Defects as bridging and gross misalignment, are detectable with microscpes. Other people, this kind of as voiding, requires X-ray by using a resolution down to 1 micron, and electricity in surplus of 100W, notably for devices these types of as micro-BGAs.

To detect dry joints substantial resolution (one micron) large magnification (100X to five.000X), complicated sample manipulation (to tilt and rotate the PCB or the imaging program), and complex image-processing software is necessary. XT V programs mix all these into just one pretty user-friendly technique. Sure methods are offered with CT option for an entire 3D perception into the electrical elements.

Wide range of utilizes

Any OEM and provider of digital subsystems in shopper electronics, automotive, aerospace can enrich its inspection course of action by adopting X-ray and CT inspection systems.

Electronic and electrical factors

Broken wedge bonds

Lifted ball bonds

Wire sweep

Die connect

Populated and unpopulated PCBs

Perspective surface mount defects i.e. misaligned units, solder joint porosity, bridging

Comprehensive inspection of vias, by way of hole plating and multi-layer alignment

BGA and CSP inspection

Non-lead solder inspection.

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